Photo Props

I love buying furniture and I love taking pictures of my boys. Old rocking chair, baskets, bowls, swing set, goodwill chairs and its much easier when they are little. These are all pictures of when Miles was a baby. I will have to post some in the future of both boys.

Some of the pictures were taken by my talented best friend Jamie. She should just be doing this full-time lets be honest. If she only lived closer life would be sweeter.

Jamie Lynne Photography

Jamie Lynne Photography

poor bubba was freezing

Jamie Lynne Photography

First Christmas

First Valentine's

He loved this swing set when we lived on base.

Easter picture that he will kill me about in the future

Growth Chart

I bought the vinyl from Ten23Designs a very long time ago and finally finished this project today. The wood came from our laundry room that was used as a door to a storage closet. The door was painted blue and then white so when sanding it left a cool weathered look. I wanted the knots to show through so I sanded more in those areas. When I stained the wood it made a more weathered look. I then applied the vinyl and coated with polyurethane.

These are perfect for people who move often like the military. We can move it wherever we go.

Mt. Pleasant Fun

We are still recovering from our trip to Charleston this past weekend. Both the boys got sick Sunday night which equals no sleep. We miss that town like whoah! We stayed in Mt. Pleasant close to the Cooper River Bridge.

Saturday morning we hit up Sewee Outpost and Hidden Ponds Nursery in Awendaw. We all love exploring new places.

The boys love spending time with Pop Pop and MeMe. The nursery had ducks, rabbits, goats and fish. They enjoyed feeding the ducks and koi.

 Now pronouncing Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Howard!

Shannon wore her mothers wedding gown, so sweet! 

Cake topper made by her sister.
The humidity loves my hair, NOT!

Killer view off the dock!

Beresford Hall
Until next time Charleston. We miss you already.

Charleston Market

Okra chips at first sounded disgusting but let me tell you just try it.  I loved them even though they are crumbly. We spotted a new cool toy while strolling down the market with a price tag of $40. I waited until we got home to check it out on Amazon and what would you know I snagged me one for under $20. I will be saving this bad boy for Christmas for bubba.

Charleston is known for their sweetgrass baskets and you have plenty to choose from downtown. I unfortunately do not own one but hopefully down the road I will snag one I really like.

Tomorrow I plan on uploading all my pictures from the past weekend. Congrats again to Shannon and Howie on a beautiful wedding.

Charleston I miss you!

Chocolate Pralines

Great BBQ 

Amazing Pizza

Good Old Cooking

and stay tuned for beautiful wedding pictures, family time and more pics of our favorite city!

Curious George Birthday Party

The big ole 3! This kid loves Curious George. We were worried there for awhile that he might talk like George forever but the words came.

The boys shirts are from Target and I had them embroidered on base. It wasn't until after his party that I found a monkey to iron on the pocket.

We love you bubba! 

The Color Yellow

We are loving Zoo Tots at the Jacksonville Zoo. This is the first time M has taken classes here. They always read 2 or 3 books each class. Today we read Why Are Animals Yellow? by Melissa Stewart and Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae.

They start the class by coloring a picture to get the kids warmed up to being in the class and not just being at home with mommy. This weeks coloring page came from National Geographic. I visited their site and they have tons of animal printables and other activities.

They always sing a song. And this week it was 

Nature's Rainbow: The Color Yellow
Tune: If You're Happy and You Know It

If you like the color yellow, 
clap your hands,
If you like the color yellow,
clap your hands.
If you like the sun, bananas, giraffes,
Bumblebees and lemons,
If you like the color yellow, 
clap your hands.

They end the class by making a craft and this week they made brown paper bag giraffe puppets. M loves puppets. He loves running around the house with daddys sock on his hand. 

He was also able to touch two animals this class, Theresa the Florida Box Turtle and a Bearded Dragon named Goldie.

We ended the night by reading a color book and playing i spy using the color yellow. We need to get this kid from not thinking everything is the color blue. We still love you as long as he knows the only color blue is duke blue.


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