BzzAgent - Publix Kids Meal

I was given the opportunity to try out the kids meals made in the deli at Publix. I was given one free meal and then several coupons for a dollar off. They offer five fresh, ready-to-eat kids meals for $3.99. Each meal consists of an entrée, two sides and a drink. The featured selections include:

* Chicken tenders — Publix Deli chicken tenders on a honey wheat roll, mini carrots, kid’s yogurt and fruit drink
* Ham sandwich thins — Publix tavern ham on a wheat sandwich thin, mini carrots, kid’s yogurt and apple juice

* Peanut butter apple wrap — creamy peanut butter with apples in a multigrain wrap, string cheese, mini carrots, kid’s yogurt and fruit drink
* Peanut butter rolls — creamy peanut butter on a honey wheat roll, string cheese, apple sauce, mini carrots and fruit drink
* Turkey rolls — Publix oven roasted turkey breast on a honey wheat roll, apple and grape packet, mini raisins and organic white milk

I tried the Ham sandwich thins meal which was very good and the chicken tenders meal was not as tasty. My only concern with these kids meals are the juice options which contain lots of sugar. Overall these meals are very filling and offer a healthy option for a kids lunch.

Thank you Bzz Agent.

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