First Vegetable Garden

We recently moved into another house on base and this is what part of the backyard looked like in the beginning. So we started digging up the grass and removed the wooden borders and this is what I came across....

YES those are snake eggs and to be more precise they are black rat snake eggs! My husband informed me oh they are good snakes but I don't care what kind of snake it is. He politely removed all the eggs to another destination other than our yard. We spent majority of our Memorial Day weekend Saturday completing the garden because of all the lovely on and off again showers that Florida provides.

This is how it looked at the end of Memorial Day weekend but now it has grown so much and I will post updated pictures soon! I do not want to leave Molly out because she helped so much that day but mainly she looked like this all day...

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  1. Yeah! Updates! You have made my day. Can't wait to see the garden now. I finally planted my tomatoes.



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