Luck is believing you are Lucky!

I have been fortunate enough this week to win two giveaways. The first one being from DKs Childrens page. This is an excellent blog when you are in search of good books to dive into. I can't wait to receive The Raindrop by Brian McClure. I am sure my soon to be son will enjoy hearing mommy read him this book and the kids at school love a good book.

The next giveaway I won was from Mary Janes and Galoshes. I love her unique crafts and ideas and the simplicity to which she explains them. The actual giveaway was sponsored by Piccadilly Circus Designs, she has cutie putie shirts for kids. I liked all her stuff but these two I really liked for Baby Boy Leeds....

One of these will be on a onesie , which one do you like?

1 comment :

  1. i like the tie. the nugget will too.



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