Sunday Funday Video

Now I know how my Dad felt when we were little! Dad loves his lawn mower and plants, we love you anyway. Thank goodness John doesn't have a van, lawn mower, big screen or daughters.


  1. very funny! Dads do so many things for their kids that they never thought they would. Good men! Love you!

  2. Hi Emily! Anne from "A Shabby Life" here. Thanks for popping by my blog. You asked where I do my shopping and I am assuming you mean at thrift stores. Well I live close to Beach Blvd. so my adventure starts there. I go down Beach all the way to the Hubbard House, then come back and do the two or so stores on the way back. I visit about five or six thrift shops on my little jaunts. The Goodwill down at the beach is a good one, the one on Beach by St. Johns Bluff is a very poor cousin.
    Lovely to meet someone in the same city. Let's talk again!



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