Dove Chocolate Party

About a month ago I attended a Dove Chocolate Party at a friend's. I was just expecting the chocolate to taste like the Dove you can buy at any grocery store. The Chocolate Discoveries chocolate is much much better. Due to me breast feeding I did not partake in the Chocolate Martinis but everyone said they tasted amazing. Everything tasted delicious especially the fondue.

I bought the mousse mix and double chocolate chip cookie mix. The double chocolate chip cookie mix made about 35 medium sized cookies and John and I will probably end up eating them all within 24 hours. We both have a sweet tooth, I am definitely worse than he is.

My friend Betty bought a tempering unit which heats up the chocolate and I can't wait to go over to her house and make goodies for the holidays. I want to have a party where everyone brings a chocolate recipe and we go home with different desserts. The tempering unit will probably work much better than when I use a pot to melt chocolate and then the house ends up smelling like burnt chocolate.

Check out all the goodness over at Dove Chocolate Discoveries. What is your favorite chocolate recipe? Mom I need to get that Peanut Butter Delight recipe!

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