1st Birthday Party

I do realize we are only half way there to his First Birthday but I am already thinking about themes. He loves being outside and I saw this theme of "Cute as a Bug" and doing naturey, outdoorsy (neither of those are words I don't think) cupcakes, cake, decor. I am sure that my mother will have plenty of ideas and I have already been brainstorming with Amanda (another amazingly crafty friend). I still have six more months to plan and all ideas will be considered at this point. I know my sister will give her opinion as well and John will probably say why does his first birthday have to be so important. I love doing this sorta thing so I am pretty excited about the planning process. I am sure Pam can create the most cutest 1st birthday shirt ever. Many posts in the future about this topic.

Love this little Buca! (I just found out that means basement in Italian)

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  1. Are you saying I'm opinionated? Stop calling my nephew basement.



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