Being Green in the Nursery

(rock door stop since we have doors that close by themselves)

If you know me you know I love Goodwill and Antique shopping! We have finally purchased a dresser for Baby Leeds that will also be used as a diaper changing table. I love older furniture because it has more character and it is like recycling in my mind. Pictures will be coming soon once we sand it down and paint or stain the dresser. The dresser is currently lime green. I have also been visiting the baby section of Goodwill, you can NOT beat the price of $1 for each piece. I found a cute ralph lauren long sleeve plaid shirt, osh kosh flannel shirt and a pair of buster brown khaki pants. I have not bought one piece of brand new clothing because we have been very fortunate to have wonderful family and friends who have blessed us with a closet full of new clothes for Baby Boy Leeds. We also bought our first bottle of Dreft detergent to start washing all his clothes.

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