Author Suggestion: Emily Giffin

I love trading books with friends or purchasing books from Goodwill, much cheaper than Barnes and Noble! My sister, Erin, introduced me to Emily Giffin via Something Blue which was amazing.
I have only read two of her books and I read both within two days. They were both about young women on the brink of making a huge decision in their life and the choices they made that lead to great unexpected endings. The most recent Giffin book I read was Baby Proof thinking it was going to be all about babies, even though it had much more to do than just babies it was another great read.
I would like to read Something Borrowed since they are making this one into a movie and Kate Hudson is the star. Check out Emily's other books and about the making of Something Borrowed. She is from Atlanta, GA so I hope to check out a signing sometime soon.

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